Investment Properly Targeted Changes Lives For The Better!

North West: Raising living standards and people's quality of life lies at the heart of what Humanity stands for!

PROGRAMMES of investment will improve living standards in some of East Lancashire’s major towns, council bosses have said.

We Need These Homes Fit For People Not Rabbits!

Haringey, London: Humanity condemns this appalling plan to convert the former office block into more than 200 flats. Read the story in full by clicking on the link

Don't Get Too Excited!

Certain Universal Claimants will receive a special £10 Christmas bonus in their bank accounts. For more on this from the Liverpool Echo click on NOW

Break In At Humanity Makes The News!

 Thank you to Breeze for being so supportive as always. Being broken into was a massive shock to us. For more on this just click on here